Sodium Silicate Solid

Sodium silicate solid is an inorganic chemical, a hard-like glass obtained through a very high temperature furnace using silica sand and sodium carbonate as the key raw materials. It can be used in chemicals as a raw material for products in the chemical industry, such as the manufacturing of zeolite, silica gel, precipitated silica, molecular screens and white fillers. Generally, C. Thai Chemicals has 2 major types of sodium silicate solid available for our customers, which are CS-2 as alkaline grade and CS-4 as neutral grade.

Sodium Silicate Solid Specification

Product Name Mole Ratio %Na2O %SiO2
CS-2 2.00 - 2.20 31.60 - 33.70 65.00 - 67.50
CS-4 3.25 - 3.40 23.0 - 24.0 75.0 - 76.0

*Download sodium silicate solid MSDS click here